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We at Forward Property Inspections believe that having a secure and safe property gives you peace of mind. It is also reassuring to know that your house can survive high winds and storms, and the wind mitigation inspections in Orlando help with that.

Forward Property Inspections provides wind mitigation in Orlando, FL, which assists you in implementing protective measures such as window coverings, stronger anchoring, and lowering the detrimental impact of hurricane winds by inspecting your roof’s attachment to the walls as well as the sheathing’s link to the trusses.

We’ll assess your home’s storm strapping, the number of nails, and the spacing between those nails.
At the time of the inspection, we give a visual observation and an efficiency rating of the primary components involved in the property. We evaluate houses of all sizes and also work on commercial properties.

Benefits of Wind Mitigation Inspection

One of the major reasons behind property damage in Florida is unrelenting winds, storms, and hurricanes. If the house isn’t protected well enough from such uncertain events, the property can be severely damaged, sometimes leading to loss of life.

For this reason, protecting the house against such events is crucial. One of the best possible ways to do it is wind mitigation. A wind mitigation inspection examines whether your home is sturdy enough to withstand the destruction caused by strong winds. Your roof is the very defense against strong winds and rains, and to ensure it is solid, all the focus is put on the house’s roof. The wind mitigation inspector inspects the critical areas of the roof to determine its sturdiness.

During a wind mitigation inspection, aspects such as the type of roof covering, the material of your roof deck, the method used to attach the roof to the ceilings and the walls, water resistance techniques, and additional protection of the roof are examined. Then, a report is drafted to bring its exact condition to your notice.

Apart from protecting their home, homeowners also choose to get wind mitigation inspection done to save money on the insurance premium. The more wind-resistant features your roof has, the deeper the discounts.

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Why Choose us for Wind Mitigation Inspection in Orlando?

Our technicians at Forward Property Inspections are professionals in uncovering hidden flaws. They will guide you toward taking timely preventive actions to protect your property from strong winds, storms, and hurricanes.

Our comprehensive report is all-inclusive and contains in-depth details about the flaws and pictures for better clarity. A detailed report like this will also fetch good discounts on your insurance premium.

We have an eye for detail and ensure no aspect is left unattended. We provide accurate and simple-to-understand information to our clients. We are skilled and qualified with all the certifications to efficiently carry out wind mitigation inspections. Call us today for quality inspections before it’s too late.



The wind mitigation inspection can only be performed by a licensed inspector in Florida. This inspector must have experience and training in order to properly assess the risks associated with potential wind damage. The report generated from the inspection will provide valuable information that lenders require to determine premiums for wind insurance.

Yes, lenders in Florida require borrowers to have wind insurance if they want to take out a mortgage. This is because of the risk of damage caused by hurricane-force winds and other destructive weather systems that are common in the region. The wind mitigation inspection report can be used by lenders to determine the premiums for wind insurance, as well as help them decide if a loan should be approved or denied.

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