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We understand that buying a home in Central Florida or the surrounding areas is tough considering realtors try their best to mask the flaws. We at Forward Property understand the financial commitment at stake and provide professional home inspection services to uncover all such flaws. We treat every inspection as if it were our own. Knowing how important this decision is for you, our home inspectors in Orlando honestly and accurately assess the property and get you the information you need. They take the stress out of the situation and ensure there is nothing left to chance when you purchase your dream home.

Home Inspection In Orlando, FL

Every home buyer wants to be confident about the home they are investing their hard earned money into. Especially in Orlando FL buying a home means a huge investment and you need to be absolutely sure that the home is safe for you and your family before you go ahead with the purchase.

Forward Property Inspections helps you get clarity about the health of a property with our top-notch home inspection services in Orlando FL. Whether you are a buyer who is looking for a general home inspection pre purchase or a seller wanting to fix any potential issues before listing the home, we can help you.

Our state-of-the-art home inspection services help you understand everything that can be an expensive repair or be a reason for concern in the coming future. With this put together in an easy-to-understand inspection report, you can go confidently ahead with the purchase or negotiate with the seller in case of major repairs.

Trusted Home Inspectors In Orlando & Nearby Areas

Our home inspectors in Orlando FL maintain the highest standards of professionalism and are known for their integrity. They take extra efforts to ensure that no aspect of the home is left undiscovered, and do not hesitate to go the extra mile to address any concerns you may have.

Being certified home inspectors, our inspectors in Orlando FL can provide bias-free and accurate assessment of a property you wish to invest in. This gives you the assurance that you are in safe hands.

Despite their high expertise, a home inspection by our Central Florida home inspectors is very reasonably priced. Reach out to us today to experience our unmatched expertise in home inspection services.

Comprehensive Inspection Reports for Easy Selling & Buying Homes

A home inspection is an important and delicate process that requires you to exercise extreme caution. It is one of the significant factors in determining the value of your property, so it should be done carefully by experts. A certified home inspector exercises due diligence in examining the entire property from corner to corner during a home inspection. With an eye for detail, we look for flaws and inefficiencies that might be invisible to your eyes.

If you want to ensure the work reflects top-quality, always contact a team of certified and professional home inspectors like us at Forward Property Inspections. We have already bagged all the essential certifications, such as InterNACHI, CMI, and more, with our excellent workmanship and quality inspections. 

Our comprehensive inspection reports are all-inclusive and will be extremely helpful during the buying and selling of the property. It will reflect the authenticity of the property and your honesty in revealing the property’s actual state.

So, book the inspections today and ensure your peace of mind.

Why Choose Forward Property Inspections?

If you are looking for reasons why Forward Property Inspections is the best company for a home inspection, then we will give you numerous of them:

  • Our professionals are incredibly knowledgeable and genuine and carry all the crucial certifications from prestigious governing bodies such as InterNACHI, CPI, and more.
  • Our home inspection reports are comprehensive and contain all the details needed to make an informed decision. We also add pictures so you are able to understand the flaws quickly.
  • We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure the work done is flawless, and results are accurate.
  • We maintain the highest standards of work and are well-known for our integrity.
  • Though our service quality is exceptional, our service costs are reasonably priced.

Our clients vouch for our service quality and genuineness, and we want to add you to that list. So, contact us today to book quality inspections at affordable rates.


Certified Master Inspector
Certified Master Inspector
Certified Master Inspector
Certified Master Inspector



what really matters with a home inspection!


There are a lot of elements that need to be inspected in a home, so the time taken to examine all these elements decides how long the inspection will last. On an average a home inspection in Florida by a skilled home inspector takes around 2-3 hours to cover all interior & exterior elements along with installed systems.

While ethical concerns can prevent a home inspector in Florida from inspecting a relative’s property, the same is not applicable for their own property. There is no rule that says a home inspector cannot inspect his own home. In fact, they are the best judge for their home as they have the necessary training as well as the experience of inspecting several homes.

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